Adam Rockliffe
Head of Quality and Improvement

Starting as a tester in the financial sector seemed a very logical and safe world which followed a step by step process with predictable outputs.  From there I progressed through roles in consultancy, banking, government and a European wide programme, finally into a company that spans medical, supply chain, retail, subscription and online sectors. This journey has provided experiences that cover a variety of politics, regulation and risk acceptance.  These factors, combined with company culture and an industry shift in resource models and delivery methodologies, have led me to a leadership role where this broad experience allows me to focus on enabling principles of technical delivery at a capabilities level.

In my current role as Head of Quality and Improvement, I bridge the key areas of technical delivery in DevOps, Release, Environments, QA and Testing. I am evolving these traditional delivery disciplines into modern capabilities that can adapt and support effective technology change.  As defined centres of excellence these capabilities are now starting to receive recognition from outside bodies and suppliers, allowing me to develop and grow the talent we have and focus on driving the recognition of the importance of how we do technology is to the satisfaction of our customers both internally and externally.


Transforming YOUR Assurance Strategy

We all see an ever changing and even accelerating mix of ways of working, technology and tools being deployed to support a widening demand on technology. This combined with huge expectations around reliance, usability and generally things just working put a lot of pressure on how we assure systems, quite often at pace. Do you know your organisations priorities and demands in order to ensure your strategy has the right outcomes?