Indeed to automate its hiring process

Indeed recently announced that it was launching its Indeed Hiring Platform that will be a new solution allowing employers to manage the hiring process from posting through interview directly on Indeed, with no additional software.

Hence, the platform aims to shorten the time it takes to get candidates into jobs from weeks to days by combining recruiting automation and video interviewing technology. The platform will then provide more integration and attention to both recruiters and job seekers.

The company declared that employers can reach 80% of US job seekers through the combined networks of Indeed and its sister company Glassdoor with the new platform. Thus, this experience will enable employers to automate the process of sourcing, screening, and scheduling interviews with experienced candidates into Indeed’s video interviewing technology, Indeed Interview.

Employers that set objective screening criteria for job seekers with matching skills can save time by interviewing candidates directly through the platform. Employers will be able to spend less time on manual administrative tasks and direct more energy to engage with quality candidates.

The platform was launched in response to the pandemic, which made it even harder for candidates to find a job. Their goal is to make employment easier and more automated.


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