Huawei to shift towards software in order to continue growing

It was recently announced that Huawei Technologies founder, Ren Zhengfei, is urging the company to shift to software in order to continue growing despite the US sanctions.

Indeed, this shows the significant impact that the sanctions have on the business. Huawei is then aiming to focus on software to enhance its future in a field that is outside of U.S. control and reach greater independence and autonomy.

Therefore, it is very likely that the company will work on building software ecosystems, such as its cloud AI system Mindspore, and other IT products.

Moreover, Ren also declared that its software push will depend on the right business model and that he wishes for Huawei to adopt an open-source approach. The company will then focus on strengthening its position at home and build up its territory.
The founder stated its plan to dominate Europe, Asia Pacific, and Africa in the future, and to possibly exclude the US if the sanction remains.

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