How to succeed as a woman working in cybersecurity

An eye-opening report conducted by cybercrime researchers, Cybersecurity Ventures in 2019 discovered women represented just 20% of the overall cybersecurity workforce.

As we enter a new decade, we’d like to see this change and as more female engineers enter the industry we aim to shine a light on women in cybersecurity and every tech sector we can.

So in light of this report and ahead of International Women’s Day 2020,   we spoke to Ekaterina Khrustaleva, COO of web security company ImmuniWeb about how she overcame obstacles to succeed in her career, her thoughts on the modern cybersecurity industry and her advice for women who want to work in the tech sector.

Katerina, what barriers have you overcome to become a successful woman in the tech sector?

It is really important to be sufficiently motivated. You need to be relentlessly driven to learn, work hard and deliver.

What’s your approach to delivering projects?

Those who don’t dare implement their novel ideas or enterprising plans, usually don’t succeed.

It is likewise crucial not to be afraid to make a mistake, all of the greatest entrepreneurs and global leaders made some mistakes on their way to success.

What are your thoughts on the modern cybersecurity industry?

Today, the cybersecurity industry is incrementally open and women-friendly, and the main barrier and obstacle that I frequently observe in people is a lack of self-confidence.

Do you have any specific advice that you would give to female entrepreneurs to succeed in tech?

Continuous education is essential to remain competitive and is required to deliver something valuable to your colleagues, clients, and partners.

Thus I try to spend at least four hours a week reading cybersecurity books and professional magazines, in addition to various online classes and courses.

Reasonable persistence in what you do will certainly help, many female leaders give up on their first attempt and eventually miss amazing opportunities.

Any last words to women out there trying to make it in the industry?

Try harder, keep your spirit open and positive, make new connections and share your success with others – these simple steps will enable your bright future in cybersecurity.



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