How mobile apps use quality AI to grow brands globally

Many web designers agree that quality UI centres on people. It focuses on solving an audience’s needs, converting sales and creating loyalty. Online casinos seem to have received this memo and are increasingly tapping on top-notch UI designs to grow their brands.

In this article, we’ll explore seven principles casino apps are using to change their User Interface designs and expand their brands globally.

Let’s dive right in.

#1: Responsive Designs

A decade ago, using a mobile casino app was nightmarish. Apps would take too long to load; many features were unresponsive, and games crashed constantly. In 2020, however, using a casino app feels smooth and realistic.

Apps load at fractions of a second. Menu icons respond instantly, and games load flawlessly. As a result, people feel happier playing at a modern app than they did a decade ago. They enjoy the experience of responsive design and feel more confident to be regular customers.

Crucially, most elements that make casino apps responsive are automatic. Players don’t need to resize images or layouts so that an app fits on their smartphones. This happens in the background so that users have stress-free experiences.

#2: Efficient Payments and Gaming

Most casino players do these three things: deposit money, play games and withdraw their profits. Although not every operator has perfected all three issues, many casino apps are improving their UI so that payments and gaming are as efficient as possible.

Indeed, every casino player aims to deposit money and start to play their favourite slots quickly. When the right time comes, they also want to cash out their profits fast and hassle-free.

As we’ve mentioned, not every online casino has streamlined the payments and gaming process. But lucky for you,, has a list of eight of the best mobile online casinos where you can smoothly deposit, play and withdraw your money. They also provide bonuses to new players as we’ll mention shortly.

#3: Clear Features

The best performing casino apps these days are focused on clear communications with players. In other words, their UI’s are designed to provide clarity to customers. That means every feature on an app has a purpose that’s easy to figure out.

It also means menu items are clearly labelled and well-organized. Importantly, every item reacts as it is intended. If a category promises bonuses, players find free spins and betting credits. If it’s a deposit option, it allows people to fund their account.

Of course, features can only be clear if they are simple to understand. And that means successful casinos apps strive to keep things as straightforward as possible. In fact, some apps and mobile websites have fewer than five menu categories. That way, only what’s very important is listed on the site.

#4: Attractive Designs

Let’s face it. We all like beautiful websites and apps. Everyone wants to play games with eye-catchy graphics, inviting colour schemes and easy to use interfaces. Fortunately, most casino apps seem to nail this aspect.

Unless you visit an app operated by people who live under a rock, most casino apps in 2020 are aesthetically appealing. They have colourful 3D graphics. They grace their home pages with beautiful slots and fill the rest of the pages with neat colour schemes.

Of course, great looks alone don’t tell the whole story about a casino app. But they show that an operator cares about their image. They also show an app was professionally designed, and as such, you can expect a delightful experience.

#5: Proactive Bonus Promotions

While casinos can’t offer bonuses daily, the most successful operators do it as often as possible. They don’t wait until a player asks for free spins. Instead, they have welcome and loyalty packages waiting to be claimed.

This proactive nature is one reason some casino apps are so successful. They know people like bonuses, so they provide them with offers constantly.

So, you like to play slots? There’s a welcome bonus for you. So, you prefer to play live dealer games? Claim £100 to play live poker, blackjack or roulette. Once you’re done with one bonus, you get to claim another reward.

The best part about casino app bonuses is that they are located where you can easily find them. In many cases, there’s a banner on the homepage that shows different bonuses you can claim. As a result, customers can quickly learn about your offers and decide whether to grab them.

#6: A Hierarchical Order of Everything

Another reason mobile casino apps are snowballing is that they’ve discovered how people like to consume content. These days, players want to learn about the most critical information first. And that’s because they have priorities or want to save time spent on new apps.

When a player visits an app, they want to view the games and bonuses offered. Next, they look for banking information, contact channels and unique features.

As you would expect, every operator also has priorities and ideas of what they want to show their customers. Some companies want to showcase their bountiful bonuses and a variety of games. Others focus on their awards and charity initiatives.

All the same, casino apps are learning that the way to success is through well-organized UI’s. Customers don’t appreciate information overload. They want to see what’s important to them quickly so that they can decide whether or not to become customers.

#7: Consistent UI Designs

Change is good. But too much of it can ruin everything. From the logo and official colours to web layout and games offered, casino players prefer consistent elements. They want to come back one month later and find all the features they loved.

They want to come six months later and find your app as smooth and flawless as it was when they first learned about you. Casinos that adhere to these expectations thrive and succeed. Those that keep disrupting their UI’s risk losing customers. And losing players is a quick way to lose your revenue.

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