Honda Accord recall over rear-view camera software bug

Honda recalls 232,000 Accords over faulty rear-view camera software bug

Honda has issued a recall of its 2018 Honda Accord and the new for 2019 Honda Insight hybrid models.

The Japanese firm has explained that both cars suffer from a software bug that prevents the rear-view camera’s screen from displaying images properly. Honda went on to note that the issue only occurred in certain scenarios, but did not specify which ones.

In the U.S., rear-view cameras are mandatory on all new cars as of May 2018, with the software bug making the cars non-compliant with federal regulations.

Honda stated that customers are at risk of accident if they can’t view an accurate, live feed of what’s behind their car, on their dashboard. The manufacturer went on to stress that it’s not aware of any accidents or injuries linked to the software bug.

Owners of affected cars have been requested to visit their nearest dealer, where a technician will reprogram the display unit software.

Honda has stated that 232,140 cars in the U.S. are affected by this software bug and it plans to begin the recall campaign on November 5th, 2018.

The recall extends outside of the U.S., with the Associated Press reporting Honda is recalling 14,000 cars in Canada, 6,000 in Germany, and around 3,000 in South Korea to reprogram the same software bug.

“Due to incorrect software programming, the center screen that normally displays the rear-view image may not provide the image during backing events following certain usage scenarios, even after the vehicle is restarted,” Honda said.


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