Helsinki to use AI and RPA to improve city services

The capital of Finland, Helsinki, is reported to be using rapid experimentation in order to determine how artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic process automation (RPA) could help improve city services.

Indeed, the city has been deploying internal innovation trials through its Experimentation Accelerator, launched in 2019 to speed innovation. The trials are testing ideas about AI and RPA in business, including employee shift planning, monitoring traffic emissions, and checking student data across different registers, among others.

The city has already conducted some trials in 2020, thanks to which they were able to understand how to use AI to develop even better digital solutions for the residents and employees. The new trials will learn a lot from the past in order to avoid long and expensive projects as well as succeed in making the city more agile.

The Mayor of Helsinki declared that the future of development lies within AI, robotics, and data. He also stated that these trials would help generate new ideas that could then be scaled to suit the production of various city services. Besides, the trials have also revealed that it is usually not necessary to replace an entire work phase with a robot, as robot assistance is more than enough.

The city is aiming to execute its ideas within 90 days.

Helsinki also possesses an AI Register in which every solution is listed in order to show how AI systems and data are used in city services and promote transparency.

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