Health organisations unite to develop trustworthy AI standard

Major health plans and health technology companies have teamed up to develop a new standard in order to make trustworthy artificial intelligence (AI) solutions in healthcare.

Last Wednesday, the standard was released and accredited by the American National Standards Institute. It reported that AI was essential to provide solutions in healthcare, from diagnosing diseases to advanced remote care options. Especially in a time of a pandemic, it is vital now more than ever that health providers can trust these tools to help them care and treat patients.

This new standard is the second in a series focused on implementing medical and healthcare solutions built on AI. The first standard developed a common language so industry stakeholders can all understand better AI technologies.

There are three expressions of trust that should be maintained in the standard: human trust, technical trust, and regulatory trust.

Having these three pillars should help build more trustworthy and efficient AI solutions in healthcare and help providers spend more time with patients instead of with a machine. Besides, collaboration is noted as being key to establish and maintain trust.

Healthcare organizations involved in the project include America’s Health Insurance Plans, AdvaMed, 98point6, Ginger, Philips, and ResMed.

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