Hackney Council services affected by a cyberattack

A cyber attack aimed at Hackney London council led to a collapse or a major delay in property purchases.


Indeed, the council was first attacked at the beginning of October causing IT issues which have then impacted the whole services including the process of land search.


Although the attack occurred almost two months ago, it keeps on having a major impact on the lives of Hackney residents. Indeed, some buyers had their purchases fell through because of lack of land searches. Many of them also lost quite a lot of money in fees.


Hackney Council stated that some of its essential services remained unaffected such as its coronavirus response, while worked tirelessly with the National Cyber Security Centre and National Crime Agency to fix the issue and protect data.


However, the council warned that it would be very unlikely that the process would be completely functioning before the end of the stamp duty holiday on 31 March. In compensation, it is then offering a partial land search service in the coming weeks.

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