Google to release new AI-powered heart and breathing features

Google recently announced new AI-powered features in its Google Fit app that will be measuring heart and respiration rates.

The innovative tech will use a combination of sensors and computer vision algorithms that will take measurements through the phone camera. With the AI software, users will be able to measure their breathing rate by putting their head and upper torso in view of the camera and placing a finger on the rear-facing lens. Then, the users will have the possibility to save the results in the app in order to monitor how they change over time.

The AI algorithms were declared to have been tested on people of different ages, genders, skin colors, and health conditions. It was thus reported that the respiration algorithm is accurate within one breath per minute on average, and the heart rate algorithm is accurate within 2% on average.

The features should be used for wellbeing reasons rather than medical reasons and should be made available from next month on Pixel phones, and then Android devices.


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