Google Maps testing speed and crash trap functionality

Google Maps are reportedly working on an in-car navigation system that helps road users avoid traffic jams, according to a Digital Trends report.

The new feature is currently being tested and will allow users to submit data regarding collisions and speed traps that they encounter on the road.

The crowdsourced data is then used to warn other drivers of any incidents so they can then avoid any roadblocks.

Google acquired Waze, a GPS navigation system app in 2013, which led many to believe that Google Maps would somehow implement Waze features within their own app.

Those who have been chosen to test the efficiency of the app are able to see a ‘+’ icon on the bottom-left of their Google Maps’ display screen.

Maps also added a built-in music playback, an event planner, and a feature that allows users to follow businesses.

Maps also added a phone battery status in August, allowing users’ contacts to see if your phone is on the brink of switching off.

With such a large user base, there’s a good chance that if their new functionality proves to be successful among Android users, Google will officially add the feature for everyone to use in the coming weeks.

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