Godel partners with Voiteq for voice-directed software solutions

Godel has partnered with global technology company Voiteq to deliver software development skills for voice-directed work solutions and promote flexibility and scalability for business partners.

The nearshore software development partner found delivering “business as usual” tasks challenging when scaling up its development team to replace a client’s RFID system with a voice-driven software solution. This led to the company deciding to work with Voiteq for the company’s expertise.

“We had a deadline for a substantial customer project in the logistics sector that required extra resources and a rapid ramp-up of software development skills to deliver to the timescales,” explains Phil Garner, Product Director, Voiteq, in a press release.

“Our in-house team of experts do a fantastic job, however, the coding skills shortage is well documented in the media, and it is hard to recruit quality developers with the right skillset to expand our team quickly.”

Godel will also help bring improvements to Voiteq’s software engineering teams work, adopting the collaborative model for sprint retrospectives.

Written by Leah Alger

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