Gartner establishes rules for digitisation

During its 2019 IT symposium, research and information group, Gartner, established the major framework it believes is essential to regulate societal digitalisation.

To encourage a growing cyber society, the research firm says that company executives must join forces and collaborate on new rules to protect individuals.

“Trust in digital institutions such as social media has declined, concerns about data protection and privacy are increasing, and employee and company activism is increasing,” said Mark McDonald, research vice president at Gartner. “These and other concerns point to disruption of the current self-regulatory-based system of digital regulation and the need for new approaches.”

The four divisions

The firm believes that many of these new rules would incorporate old strategies devised with a range of subject areas in mind.

Gartner’s report goes on to discuss how technology develops through reflecting on the changes in society. Therefore, it has devised four categories as to how the new rules should look at the digitalisation of society.

The first of these is simply a digital society and how interactions between people are replicated in a cyber connected world. The second is digital platforms and how individuals use the internet for sales.

The third is digital business and in what way firms drive revenue through the internet and the last is a digital society infrastructure, which is the coming together of the computerised and physical world to create a cyberinfrastructure.

Creating rules with a digital framework

“Recognizing these layers within digital society gives regulators and society a framework to place new tools and options. Rules can be specific to each layer. For example, the EU’s GDPR legislation, an example of the Digital Society Infrastructure level, is very specific regarding the handling of personal information and people’s rights to that information. It is a rule that is foundational and applies to every level above it,” said Mr. McDonald.

“Alternatively, rules related to digital marketing practices exist at the Digital Business level. In this way, the levels provide a structure for organizing, evaluating, identifying gaps and developing regulation and rules in a cohesive manner.”

McDonald hopes that by creating rules for a digital society, leaders in the field will benefit from a diverse range of contributions, helping them to see what the future may hold for them.


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