Software and Your Data: Is There Enough Protection?

It is safe to say that there are more opportunities for hackers and malicious software to obtain sensitive data than ever before. One of the most lucrative corners of the web, of course, is online gambling. With the online casino industry said to be worth more than $50 million each year, it’s clear that online gamers demand greater security than ever before.

Why Is This?

They are right to demand it. While the UK Gambling Commission ensures all legitimate casinos possess full, law-abiding licences, demand is increasing to tighten up gambling security worldwide.

Gamers want to stay safe. For example, whether they play online slots with Karamba or a few rounds of virtual cards at Party Poker, reassurance is key. Karamba, for example, an online betting lounge, applied for a full licence directly through the UK Gambling Commission. They need to pay yearly fees to ensure the UKGC continues to regulate them.

Party Poker, which specialises in communal card games, too, pays for this licence. They are also required to obtain a licence from Gibraltar due to where they are based. Another good example is Sky Bingo, which has controls in place from the Alderney Gambling Control Commission.
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This licence covers the British Channel Islands.

It’s a legal requirement for British casinos to operate with licensing. This is due to rules laid out by the Gambling Act of 2005. Failure to comply will result in heavy fines.

What Are the Financial Risks?

Online gambling is a multi-billion dollar industry. It’s thought that combining data from real casino lounges; we spend around $500 billion each year on games. That is an awful lot of money, changing hands and e-wallets.

Casinos are, unfortunately, also at risk of money laundering schemes. This largely applies to physical casino locations, but there are still likely to be people who are willing to try and ‘cheat the house’. Therefore, casino operators must be aware of the potential for fraud occurring beneath their noses.

This means that they should not only use secure banking methods to appeal to players but to protect their own interests, too.

Is Enough protection being done?

Gambling houses and software developers are tightening things up more than ever.
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Hackers and hacking attempts grow more sophisticated as time moves on.

That’s why it is extremely rare for you to see an online casino without at least HTTPS, and without rigidity in SSL.

Casinos are being more transparent with their players in terms of security and regulation, too. It is similarly rare to find an online casino without clear regulation and safety listings at the landing page.

What Do Players Expect?

Most casinos should offer more than card and bank payments alone. They should be willing to offer e-wallets, such as PayPal, which protect many payments.

Many casino gamers, while happy to pay with real cash, don’t want links back to bank accounts. They also don’t want to share real names and addresses. Therefore, online gambling software and casino sites must continue to focus on anonymity.

What’s Next for Security?

Online casinos and software developers need to continue driving confidence. If their games are susceptible to hacking, this is not only going to concern those look for an anonymous experience but those who worry about rigging.

All UK casinos should receive regulation from the UK Gambling Commission. This helps to keep games genuinely random and fair. The moment a hacking risk looms into view, the more confidence in a casino’s veracity starts to wane.

Communication with Players?

Developers should continue to show players and customers what they are doing to protect them. In the age of online privacy concern, no casino or games developer should leave a single loophole open.

The sheer risk of reputation and revenue to an online casino just isn’t worth taking. Therefore, big-name developers will strive to make their games as airtight as possible.

Is It Safe?

Online casino fans and gamblers should take a few deep breaths. Few online systems and casinos are likely to be cavalier about security.

There are elements you should always look for in a secure casino. For example:

  • websites running the HTTPS protocol will protect your financial data against would-be hacking attempts;
  • casinos offering hands-off e-payment methods, too, also care deeply about your privacy and security;
  • always make sure to play at a casino with clear regulation notices. These – such as banners from bodies such as the UK Gambling Commission – should be clear to see on the front page.

Providing these elements are clear to see, you will likely have little to worry about. Be cautious but have fun!

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