Five retailers in the UK to trial AI recognition tech

Five UK retailers are taking part in a government-backed trial that aims to test artificial intelligence (AI) recognition technology in a real-world setting.

Indeed, the pilot was only launched recently due to the pandemic by the Home Office and the Office for Product Safety and Standards in order to test the new technology and improve the process of ID checks for age-restricted products. The software will then be scanning the photo of the customers who want to participate and use a complex algorithm to determine their age before deleting the photo.

It was reported that the AI recognition tool was able to provide an accurate age estimate for those aged 16-20 within 18 months, or just over 2 years for those aged over 20. Customers are also allowed to add their birthday anonymously, if they are deemed younger than the approved age, by connecting to their ID.

During the trials, retailers will still need to physically check the accuracy of the software. It is necessary in order to prevent selling alcohol to underage as well as reduce the levels of abuse suffered by workers in licensed premises when challenging for proof of age.

The trial is set to run from January to June 2022.


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