First virtual reality lab training syllabus created to train future scientists

The world’s first virtual reality COVID-19 lab training syllabus was recently created in order to train scientists of the future.

Indeed, Credersi and DAM Health have partnered up to develop this virtual reality training course so as to increase the number of lab technicians being trained in the UK to meet a mass skills shortage. Having more trained lab technicians will help in the long run to reduce the unit cost of COVID testing over time through properly certified training and regulations.

The lab will benefit significantly from the virtual and augmented reality platform. Through the first course, the laboratory technician will be using components of science, data science, data analytical programming for their training. For instance, the new course includes a physical PCR machine, which will be used to model and render into a 3D virtual lab. With this, technicians will be able to see an animated sequence of how to conduct a PCR test and learn through an immersive and interactive training module.

Besides, the course can be accessed from all around the world. The programme will give the students the hard technical skills they need as well as soft life skills such as behaviour and communication skills to be prepared for the workplace environment.

It was also reported that the 3D virtual lab will also be taken into schools and colleges in order to educate and inspire kids into STEM subjects using technology they relate to.

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