Financial sector boosted by software testing contracts

Software testing firm, Edge Testing Solutions, has signed contracts with two new clients from the financial sector in a multi-million-pound engagement.

As part of the new commitment, the contracts have outlined that Edge Testing Solutions, who are part of Eurofins Digital Testing, will cover a range of software testing services. This will include managed, functional, performance, and automated testing which will be carried out both remotely and onsite.

The company’s financial resume already consists of working alongside major investment firms and building societies, such as the Student Loan Company, Skipton Building Society, The Royal Bank of Scotland and Baillie Gifford.

Applying digital knowledge

As digital and cybersecurity services grow across the UK, Edge Testing is working more and more with the financial sector to implement knowledge from its field. Partnerships with the new clients will not only bring expertise to both the banking division, but also the asset management sector.

David Singleton, Regional Manager for England and Wales, Edge Testing, explained: “Edge Testing is able to support organisations in planning and conducting major organisational change in an era where consumers expect better experience, easier access and more personalisation; while governments are demanding stricter compliance against ever-changing regulations.”

He added the firm will be able to help banks adapt to digital change. He says: “Most financial institutions have limited experience in implementing this level of change. Edge Testing ensures that any large-scale changes to back-end IT systems, whether due to consumer demand or new regulations, do not affect operations negatively. Our services also decrease the risk of cyber-crime and security breaches through a review of cyber-security processes.”

“A testament to our proven track record “

Continuing to discuss the contracts, Sharon Hamilton, MD of Edge Testing, added: “The two new contract wins are a testament to our proven track record of delivering efficiencies to some of the leading banks and asset management firms in the UK. They provide a significant boost to the plans for growth in England where Edge Testing expects to hire an additional 60 test consultants over the next two years. We are keen to leverage our experience working with clients on similar transformation journeys, and Edge Testing is looking to win more financial sector business to boost growth around London and the South East of England.”

Edge Testing has a range of Digital Test Hubs based across the UK.


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