Facial recognition firm to been fined over its handling of personal data in the UK

It was recently found out that an Australian facial recognition firm faces a potential fine due to its handling of personal data in the UK.

Indeed, the Information Commissioner’s Office has reported its concerns about the use of Clearview AI facial recognition software by police forces in the UK. The firm was then asked to stop processing UK personal data and delete its database.

However, the company still asserted that the regulator’s claims were factually and legally incorrect. It is then considering an appeal and taking further action, despite being found to have broken Australian privacy law. The service provided by the firm allowed the police to do some kind of Google search for faces.

Hence, the UK’s Information Commissioner declared that the facial recognition software has been gathering data from a significant number of people in the UK without their knowledge. The company has then failed to comply with UK data protection laws that require technology providers to ensure that people’s legal protections are respected and complied with.

The decision is provisional as for now before a final ruling is made in the middle of next year.


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