Facebook to end P2P payments via Messenger in the UK & France

Facebook confirmed on Tuesday (April. 16th) that it’s discontinuing its peer-to-peer (P2P) Messenger-based service.

Users will no longer be able to make payments through Messenger in the UK and France on June 15th of this year.

However, the service will continue to remain active in the US, and users will still be able to make donations to charitable organisations in Europe through Facebook.

The company has started sending out notices to users informing them that the service is shutting down.

P2P services

“On 15 June 2019, we will discontinue P2P services on Messenger or through Facebook messages for all residents in the UK and France,” the company noted in a short statement on its main help page for the payments service.

“While you won’t be able to exchange money with friends and family, you’ll still be able to complete other transactions through Facebook, such as making donations to charitable organisations.”

Facebook’s Messenger instant payment service launched in 2015 in the US, but it wasn’t available to users in the UK until November 2017.

Facebook didn’t offer any explanation for its decision to end the service in the two countries.


The social media network is rumoured to be working on its own cryptocurrency that will allow users to transfer money on its WhatsApp messaging app.

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