Facebook data breach probe formally begins

Facebook data breach probe launched by Irish watchdog

The Irish Data Protection Commission (IDPC) has formally begun an investigation into the recent Facebook data breach.

The regulator will now decide whether the firm should be fined for failing to prevent hackers from gaining the ability to access up to 50 million users’ accounts.

In theory, the IDPC can fine the U.S. firm up to 4% of its global turnover.

In the Facebook data breach, up to 50 million user accounts are believed to have been left exposed last week, and an additional 40 million users were also logged out as a precautionary measure.

The breach, which was centred on a weakness in a feature allowing Facebook members to view how their profile appeared to others, has now been fixed.

In a blog discussing the latest information on the attack, Facebook’s vice-president of product management, Guy Rosen, wrote that there was no evidence “so far” that attackers had accessed any apps using Facebook logins.

Tinder and Airbnb are among those that accept Facebook logins as an alternative to creating an account.

It is not yet known whether the hack affected its corporate chat app, Workplace. The firm has no evidence yet to suggest that it has, reports Reuters.



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