European Banking Authority targeted by Microsoft Exchange cyberattack

It was recently reported that the European Banking Authority’s email servers have been targeted by the Microsoft Exchange cyberattack.

Indeed, it was found out that personal data might have been compromised on its servers and that the entire email system has been put offline in order to assess the damage. Microsoft Exchange servers are used by many major businesses and governments, yet very few have admitted being a victim of the attack.

The cyber-attack led on Microsoft’s Exchange exploited a vulnerability in its systems so it would appear as if the attackers already had access, before taking over the server remotely and stealing data. The attack is labeled as a very serious and active threat.

It is believed at the moment that this is the action of a Chinese state-sponsored attacker called Hafnium. Yet, China denies any blame.

To prevent any more damage, the US National Security Council urged all organizations to identify whether they had been hit or not by the attack. The tactics used by the hackers are getting more sophisticated and the attacks more commons, it is then vital to put a stop to it, or try and prevent it.

It is suggested that around 60.000 organizations have been affected by the hack, including local government, healthcare, and banks.

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