Europe to deploy AI strategy while UK lags behind

A recent study by Morning Consult revealed that senior European IT leaders are accelerating their adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) while the UK is still lagging behind.
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Indeed, 36% of respondents reported that their companies had accelerated their deployment of AI following the start of the pandemic. However, only 27% of UK IT professionals stated the same. On the contrary, 38% of UK respondents revealed that their company has made no change to their adoption of AI, compared with an average of 33% in other European countries.

Yet, the study still showed that AI is key in supporting organizations, especially in a post-pandemic economy. Indeed, AI can be a way to improve competitiveness and streamline productivity through the use of automation tools.
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It was reported that automating processes to empower higher-value work was one of the best reasons for adopting AI across Europe. Hence, the study reveals that 44% of organizations across Europe and the UK have run AI pilots plan to deploy AI.

It also warns that the increasing complexity of data can become a significant challenge for AI adoption. Thus, it is vital that more people are trained in AI and gain the necessary skills to tackles these challenges and find solutions for their organizations. In order to do so, 33% of IT decision-makers stated that they planned to upskill their workforce.

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