Eurofins to open IoT security test lab

Eurofins to open IoT security test lab

End-to-end quality assurance (QA) and testing services provider, Eurofins Digital Testing, has announced its cybersecurity division has opened a new security test lab in Groningen, Netherlands, to test and examine the security of Internet of Things (IoT) devices for service providers and manufacturers.

Eurofins’ IoT security test lab performs testing and research into the security of Internet-connected consumer premise equipment, and consumer smart devices, such as those used in smart homes: TVs, PCs, tablets, mobile devices, set-top boxes, heating and lighting systems, and other IoT devices.

This research also involves the infrastructure, methods and techniques with which the security of devices can be tested for vulnerabilities.

Included with this, onsite test environments in the lab enable intrusive and non-intrusive testing and the support of virtual and distributed testing: IoT devices can be connected to the lab remotely, and automated tests can be carried out without requiring devices to be physically present in the lab itself.

Johan Craeybeckx, business line director, Eurofins Digital Testing International, said: “With the proliferation of devices in the Internet of Things comes an inherent need for better security, interoperability, and reliability.

“Eurofins’ new IoT Security Test Lab helps ensure quality and security improvements for smart devices by providing rigorous and consistent automated tests that can be carried out in our realistic physical test lab environment or virtually – thereby reducing costs and risks associated with the development and testing of IoT devices across the media and entertainment industry, as well as other industries investing in IoT applications.”

In addition to the media and entertainment industry, the lab can be used by other organisations in industries such as banking, insurance and utilities and service sectors.

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