EU Digital Services Act to set new rules for tech giants

The EU will soon announce a new set of rules concerning the digital market and how tech giants operate.


The EU Digital Services Act will be the biggest revision that happened in 20 years and it will tackle tech competition and making platforms responsible for hosted content. If any of the rules are broken, tech companies will face heavy fines.


These rules will be led by commissioners Margrethe Vestager and Thierry Breton, who have always had strong rhetoric against tech giants. They are determined to change the rules on digital services in Europe, so it doesn’t only reflect the interest of a few big companies. They stated that the rules and principles are respected everywhere, online, and offline.


One key thing this legislation will address is the dominance of some big companies like Google and Facebook, which are often US-based. The European Commission has shown its opposition to have tech giants like these using the data they gather from one service to improve a new one in a different area, hence making it very complicated to compete with them. These companies are referred to as gatekeepers, meaning they set the rules for their users and competitors.


However, it is still possible that these new rules will have unintended consequences.  For instance, GDPR aimed to protect privacy, but by doing this, it also strengthened Google and Facebook and weakened independent media. Smaller media struggled to comply with the privacy, leading many US media to not allow EU readers on their sites.

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