Ethical hacker vacancies increase by 4%

Job search platform, Joblift, has analysed the rise of ethical hackers in the UK’s job market in the last 24 months, noting a significant rise in both supplies of vacancies and demand.

According to Joblift, 3,240 ethical hacker jobs have been posted in the UK in the last 24 months, with these positions increasing by 4% on average each month.

In comparison, during the same time frame around 3,297, Google searches for ethical hacker jobs were recorded in the UK, with this demand increasing by 12% monthly on average.

Desired skills

These statistics suggest that while the ethical hacker job market is increasing at a rate in line with the average for the UK’s whole job market (4% monthly), the demand for jobs is currently outweighing supply.

Candidates holding official accreditation (CREST/CHECK/CCT/APP/INF) were requested in seven out of every ten ethical hacker job advertisements, making this the most in-demand requirement.

The second most requested quality is knowledge of programming languages, mentioned in a quarter of all ethical job descriptions, closely followed by candidates who have already been security checked (21%).

A university degree was requested in only 15% of the 3,240 ethical job advertisements. Perhaps most surprising, only 1% of the job advertisements mentioned the recent General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Job descriptions

Joblift also analysed the most commonly requested soft skills in ethical hacker job descriptions to determine the main qualities employers look for.

Based on the 3,240 job vacancies that were advertised in the last 24 months, the most desired soft skills in ethical hacker candidates are:

Flexibility: mentioned in 21% of job advertisements
Innovation: mentioned in 12% of job advertisements
Passion: mentioned in 11% of job advertisements
Confidence: mentioned in 8% of job advertisements
Communication skills: mentioned in 6% of job advertisements

Written from press release by Leah Alger

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