Epic Games launches free MetaHuman Creator software

Last week, Epic Games launched its free MetaHuman Creator software that allows users to create video game characters easily.

Indeed, the software runs in the users’ browsers and it can export ready-to-use character models for Unreal Engine projects. The MetaHuman Creator tool aims to facilitate the creation of a character while making it fun. Users are able to sculpt features by clicking and dragging parts of the face and can also blend features together effortlessly.

The software was developed by 3Lateral and Cubic Motion, two Epic-owned studios, and includes three built-in animation sequences and 60 face presets. With it, users are able to create human-like characters that can act realistically.

However, the software isn’t a fully-featured 3D modeling tool and so, morphs features according to the user’s input. Hence, there are some limits including keeping certain face-like parameters. Users are also only allowed to publish their MetaHuman Creator characters in Unreal Engine projects, to keep it under Epic’s Unreal license.

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