Elon Musk plans to connect the human brain with AI to create “superhuman cognition”

Technology entrepreneur, Elon Musk has announced plans to connect the human brain with AI.

As part of a company he created called NeuraLink, he is exploring ways to attach the human brain to a computer interface.

The scheme has previously been tested on monkeys. US regulators have now given him the go-ahead to test it on people.

Helping patients

NeuraLink claim that the reason for the experiment is to ultimately help people who have neurological conditions as it would make brain surgery safer and more precise.

However, Musk has spoken of his plans to create “superhuman cognition”.

The technology has been developed by 3,000 electrodes being attached to a device that is thinner than a piece of human hair. This enables the monitoring of 1,000 neurons.

Machine learning will then be used to analyse brain activity and figure out how to specifically help patients.

Connecting humans to AI

Musk spoke of how although this would be a long prosses, the development could ultimately connect humans with AI.


During a presentation, he said “It’s not like suddenly we will have this incredible neural lace and will take over people’s brains…It will take a long time.” Adding that for those that allowed it, there was potential for “symbiosis with artificial intelligence”.


Change of heart

In the past, Musk has not always spoke positively about AI, previously believing that artificial intelligence will be the end of the human race.

“Even in a benign AI scenario, we will be left behind,” he said before.

But now, he hopes that combining the human brain with AI will create a “superintelligence” that replicates the tech that people already have access to “via their phones”.

The scheme has faced criticism that Musk is not original in his way of thinking. But others have praised him for his innovative way of thinking. Assistant professor of neurobiology at the University of Southern California, Andrew Hires commented on Twitter that: “Neuralink picked the best of existing lab technology and pushed it forward in a number of important dimensions, and most impressively has an integrated implantable product that goes beyond the current state of the art.”



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