Electric vehicles to take over car sales by 2033

A recent study by EY revealed that electric vehicles are expected to increase significantly in the years to come.

Indeed, it was reported that the combined sales of EV in the US, Europe, and China would be outpacing all other engine sales by 2033. Europe is said to be the first one to reach this new automotive era in 2028, followed closely by China and then the US in 2036.

Moreover, it was also found out that EV sales would eclipse those of their conventional competitors, which will account for less than 1% of the overall sales by 2045.

This shift will be supported by the new EV buying incentives and the development of charging infrastructure seen in the US but also in many European countries. Besides, most automakers are encouraging the EV transition by manufacturing electric cars as well as setting their own time frames for phasing petrol and diesel engines out.

It is then very possible that electric vehicles will take over by 2045…


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