Eggplant reveals new automated testing capability

Intelligent automation specialists, Eggplant, have announced an update in its Digital Automation Intelligence (DAI) suite to allow for automated testing in an application or website.

In a world-first, Eggplant is using an AI-driven test automation solution to deliver continuous intelligent test automation, aiming to focus on the user experience. The new practice also concentrates on the desired business outcome too.

The way that the Intelligence automation specialists have done this is through non-intrusively tracking real customer insights and user movements through an app or website.

User journeys

The most valuable user journeys have extra layers of intelligence added to them. These are journeys that are thought to be the most vital to organisations in terms of time, economic value or churn. These journeys are recorded by the DIA suite and automatically create a model of the app, which is then prioritised according to the importance of each journey.

Eggplant will also be able to look at the needs of businesses by tracking this behaviour, as well as being able to analyse specific failures in performance.

What else?

Another benefit to the new system is that it can connect to any system, device, and platform. This means that customers have a source-agnostic way to secure user experience using any source.
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These proficiencies are hosted in the cloud, so user performance tracking can be turned on easily and implemented without clients needing to manage any complexity.

Chief technology officer of Eggplant, Gareth Smith, has commented on the new capability, saying: “What we have created delivers quality improvements for any organization in any sector. We have brought customer insight data into DevOps in a non-intrusive, platform-agnostic way that delivers high-quality business-critical testing in one place – that’s a world first. Organizations can now identify problems before they occur, while also analyzing the most valuable user journeys that have the biggest impact on the business. This can be done quickly, easily and deployed remotely on any device or platform.
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