Eggplant makes improvements to its DAI Suite

Eggplant, the provider of user centric, intelligent testing and performance solutions, have developed the latest enhancements to its Digital Automation Intelligence Suite, according to a recent press release.

The latest DAI Suite accurately provides insights and monitors the users experience of an application before and after each release.

The company said that the DAI Suite uses intelligent bug hunting algorithms to “rapidly identify the root-cause patterns that lean to failures.”

Eggplant claims that these new developments to their DAI Suite helps improve productivity of staff members, which ultimately leads to greater levels of customer satisfaction, and improves company’s financial performance.

The press release also notes that their new Eggplant Functional engine will also provide organisations with the ability to process what users are experiencing “without requiring any human feedback.”

The company added that their DAI Suite will help product teams identify any common issues that cause user discontentment. These could include, text that is difficult to read, poor contrasting colour combinations, or images that aren’t rendered properly.
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Antony Edwards, the COO of Eggplant, commented on the new enhancements, by saying: “The Digital Automation Intelligence Suite allows DevOps teams to transform their approach to testing, delivering digital experiences that always delight.
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He believes that the days of testing just the functionality, rather than monitoring the users digital experience and the “business outcomes that flow from it, are over.”

Additionally, he asserts that businesses must use intelligent automation to help “accelerate the speed of delivery while ensuring the quality and effectiveness of new digital products and services.”

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