Dynatrace Davis AI engine expansion increases support for Kubernetes

Software intelligence company Dynatrace, has announced that its Davis AI engine now automatically ingests Kubernetes cluster health and utilisation metrics. This means their engine can now provide more precise answers and insights into microservice and container applications.

Dynatrace say this will enable businesses to deploy Kubernetes successfully and bring new services to market faster than before as cloud platform teams will have full automated visibility into hybrid, multi-cloud applications and Kubernetes workloads with no blind-spots. Teams can quickly identify answers to issues affecting users much faster, and optimise Kubernetes workloads.

Through automatically ingesting new Kubernetes cluster, node health, and utilisation metrics into the Davis AI engine – and combining them with the rich, high-fidelity application and transaction data that Dynatrace already collects – enterprises can create successful Kubernetes deployments, accelerate innovation through DevOps and increase competitiveness by bringing new services to market faster.

Kubernetes is being widely adopted to accelerate digital transformation and achieve greater agility. But the highly dynamic nature of Kubernetes, and the sprawl of Kubernetes orchestrated cloud native workloads can be problematic for enterprises to manage without real-time visibility and automatic intelligence.

Steve Tack, SVP of product management at Dynatrace, said: “We anticipated this highly dynamic, hybrid cloud world five years ago and purpose-built our Dynatrace platform for microservice and container-based environments like Kubernetes.

“Not only did we figure out how to automatically instrument a Kubernetes environment, both container and container payloads, we can also analyse a Kubernetes orchestrated cloud in real-time with a deterministic AI engine we call Davis. We did this so that DevOps and IT Operations teams can innovate and automate faster with confidence. Today, we are making Dynatrace even smarter by bringing Kubernetes cluster and node health, and utilisation metrics and dashboards into our open platform.”

Felix Gratz, application performance management and system architecture at Daimler AG, said: “Dynatrace works with our Kubernetes environment to provide precise answers that help us to innovate faster.”

“We adopted Kubernetes because it would help us accelerate time-to-market, and Dynatrace helps us to do just that. Dynatrace is a great solution that automates the monitoring of Kubernetes workloads at scale and provides AI-powered answers, allowing us to focus our efforts on innovation.”


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