DWP to use AI tech to help job seekers find employment

The Department for Work and Pension (DWP) has recently been testing artificial intelligence technology to help job seekers find employment.

Indeed, DWP has partnered with three AI firms (FutureFitAI, Bayes Impact, Adzuna) in a £1.3m investment project aiming to improve job-seeking with new technologies. Through this process, the job seeker has to answer a series of questions and build an online profile. The AI-based tech is then able to make intelligent suggestions from the information and live data about the job market.

The technology is currently being tested by 20 job centres to support people from career path exploration to reskilling and job placement. DWP is then aiming to get half a million people into work by the summer and boost their income and progress. Alongside the firms, it is able to analyse how job vacancy journeys work end-to-end and gather data for the labour market.


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