DWP to develop a safe data framework for government bodies

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has recently started to establish a cross-department datastore through a nine-month Labour Market Data Trust pilot.

Indeed, the pilot is looking to improve understanding and testing the feasibility of meeting the labour market data needs of the departments, as well as make data accessible and discoverable for better monitoring and data governance. In order to do so, new technical procedures will be put into place, such as shifting from the batch movement of datasets.

Moreover, the project will be exploring the legal, digital, and data protection framework necessary for a collective engagement. It will also help department share their data while securing the privacy of data. Besides, it will aim to show government bodies how to use this data to enhance public services and respond to market changes.

This is rather vital to make sure that the labour market datasets are informing and improving citizen outcomes. The pilot will be financed by HM Treasury’s Shared Outcomes Fund and will be in partnership with the Open Data Institute (ODI) on data trusts and the Alan Turing Institute’s (ATI).


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