Dutch bank to implement new cybersecurity software

Last Friday, the Dutch bank ABN Amro announced that it will be using a new self-healing security software in order to fight and protect itself against cyber attacks.

The software, developed by the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO), is based on the human immune system and aims to act like cells in the human body that fight viruses and bacteria and renew themselves.

Yet, the ICT software systems have faced quite a few challenges in their implementation such as building a system that is decentralized, repairs itself, as well as recognizes when this needs to happen. The software is then using Kubernetes to be able to manage computer infrastructure and restart and refresh, but also renew themselves regularly.

Hence, the system can ensure the recognition of cyberattacks when it happens and the elimination of containers with anomalous behavior without having to go through a central system.

The company revealed that the software would be made public soon so that organizations can use it.

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