Virtual Meetings

Network virtually and build real relationships, connecting business leaders,
solution providers with a private virtual event platform

Virtual Events

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A digital online platform where like-minded professionals come together, voice their thoughts and share experiences in a structured professional virtual environment.

These dynamic and highly engaging think tanks stimulate thought leadership discussions and provide valuable ‘take home’ implementable knowledge.

Hosting a virtual meeting forges meaningful relationship, positions you as a market leader whilst providing powerful insights into the key issues the businesses faces today.

Software Testing News (STN) Virtual Meetings are 60-minute virtual roundtable sessions that take place using the ‘Zoom video conferencing platform’ each session is attended by a maximum of 10 delegates per session, providing the perfect online platform to share knowledge, collaborate, swap and share advice.

What to Expect

Pre Event:

  • Wish list of attendees provided by the sponsor
  • STN to source up to 10 selected participants from the wish list
  • Pre event welcome pack sent to delegates detailing each
    participant as a soft introduction to one another
  • Sponsor branding on the welcome info

On the Day:

  • Delegates ‘join’ Zoom using their audio and web cam
  • Control over direction of agreed discussion by sponsor
  • ‘Round the table’ 2 minute introductions by chair and each
  • Delegates contribute to the discussion (by ‘raising their virtual
    hand’ to talk)
  • Sponsor encouraged to use branded back drops

Post Event:

  • Full contact details of all delegates (GDPR Compliant)
  • Recording of the session (for your own use only)
  • Opportunity to publish a whitepaper on the findings

Total Cost: £6,000 + vat