Industry Surveys

Individually designed surveys to meet your information needs


With consistent changes in the way we work, the technology used and the direction of the business; its paramount that organisations are furnished with the most up to date and relevant information, and so Software Testing News (STN) provides the STN Sponsored Survey.

Sponsoring a survey provides a fantastic platform to ask the whole community key questions that sometimes are not only pertinent to your business but to the broader market and thus provides clarity and understanding on current industry trends.

By sponsoring an STN survey you will gain access to tens of thousands of active contacts that interact with STN or one of its sister products regularly over and over again.  This reach in to the community enables the sponsor to cut straight to the heart of the key issues are affecting their.

With the results collated, then designed and published on a digital platform, it ensures the survey can be distributed easily.  It further allows for flexibility should brand or product direction change, and of course there is the added benefit of cutting key portions of the results to suit any campaign that may be instigated.

Finally the survey is published on STN for visitors to download.  Each person having to complete a data capture form that automatically is emailed to the sponsor once the submit button is hit, creating a direct source of leads.

Sponsorship includes:

  • Editorial control over survey questions
  • Branded eShots to promote the survey
  • Social media exposure promoting the survey
  • Fully designed and co-branded results
  • Results published on STN for download by the wider community
  • Full contact details shared of each download (GDPR Compliant)
  • Post promotion via eShot to instigate further downloads
  • Post promotion via social media to instigate further downloads
  • Opportunity to author a thought leadership piece based on the findings of the survey for publication on STN for 12 months (sponsor to provide)
  • Printed copies available upon request (additional cost)

Total Cost: £7,500 + vat