Knowledge Sharing Webinar

For those professionals that are keen to understand the latest industry trends and learn from some of the leading minds the industry has to offer, while at the same time discussing and debating the latest issues Software Testing News (STN) provides the Knowledge Sharing Webinar

If you would like to chair a webinar please contact

Megiana Mehmeti
Event Producer
t +44 203 9315825

Hosted by an industry leader the Knowledge Sharing Webinars have a fixed subject matter thus allowing each visitor to focus their minds and understand the value proposition for the topic in hand.

By way of cutting-edge presentations and a slick Q&A Session the Knowledge Sharing Webinars provide a series of digital interaction that ensures each visitor takes away the most up to date information that can be implemented into their day to day roles or businesses with immediacy.

What is included


50-60 minutes of high-level content


Engaged Participants


Focused subject matter


Hosted by a recognised industry leader


Interactive QA Session


Repeat access to the webinar for STN account holders for 12 months (subscription applies)


GDPR compliant data exchange

Choose the topic


Nowadays Digitalisation is the DNA of not only software producers but any modern organisation. Testing is a mandatory part of any software delivery lifecycle and product engineering. The way you are building testing functions in a company will influence efficiency and directly impact the quality of solutions and products. Connecting all the dots for Architecture, Test Automation, Processes, Development practices, Security, Performance and Infrastructure areas helps to minimize time to market, reduce error rates, increase efficiency having end-to-end quality assurance practices. Solid methodological approach gives building blocks to create a strong foundation and create dynamic self-educated testing functions able to satisfy today’s challenges and respond to changing market situations.