DATPROF simplifies test data in all major relational databases

Over the last couple of weeks DATPROF released the latest updates for their data masking and subsetting solutions, DATPROF Privacy and DATPROF Subset. These updates contain native support for MySQL and MariaDB. With the addition of these database technologies, DATPROF software now supports all major relational databases.

Data masking and synthetic data generation

Not only, but certainly since the GDPR was introduced, companies and organizations have to comply with the privacy laws and regulations. This also has a big impact on test data. Some organizations still use copies of production data for testing and development, meaning: using privacy sensitive data for purposes for which it is not intended. The best solution is to mask this test data and supplement it with synthetically generated test data. The masking has to be done consistently over multiple systems and databases to make sure all related privacy sensitive data is masked in the same way. When customer A gets a new generated last name, this new last name should be applied wherever this customer is present in the database and other databases.
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Data subsetting

Besides masking data, subsetting data is also an important part of test data management. With the use of subsets for testing and development, your waiting times and storage costs are drastically reduced. No more full copies of production data, but small subsets for every dev/test team. Of course, subsetting data should be done consistently over multiple systems and databases just like data masking. When subsetting specific test cases, all the related data must be also present to successfully use those test cases. The patented algorithm in DATPROF Subset makes sure you get a referential intact subset. You and your dev/test teams decide which test cases you need for a certain test and the software does the rest. At the click of a button you have your own referential integer subset.

Supporting all major relational databases

Since the latest updates in April 2020, DATPROF natively supports all major relational databases. “With DATPROF software you can mask and subset practically all your test data consistently. We now support Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, DB2 LUW, DB2 iSeries, MySQL, MariaDB and more to come,” says Bert Nienhuis, Chief Product Officer at DATPROF.

DATPROF simplifies getting the right test data in the right place at the right time!

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