Daimler to create 3.000 software programmer jobs

It was recently announced that the German automaker Daimler is planning to create 3.000 new jobs for software programmers all around the world.

Indeed, this initiative aims to grow the company’s software hubs in its various centers in Berlin, Tel Aviv, Seattle, and Beijing. In Germany only, the company plans to create 1.000 software programmer jobs as well as develop a software campus in South Germany.

By creating its software campus, Daimler wishes to promote a separate operating system for the cars, especially as it is also working on its MBOS (Mercedes Benz Operating System). The MBOS is a software-driven holistic approach from embedded software development to IoT and intelligent cloud.

With the system, it possesses the central control of all vehicle domains as well as customer interfaces. Hence, this system should be able to run electric vehicles. It should be available by 2024.


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