Daimler AG to recall 1,29 million vehicles due to software issue

Last Saturday, Daimler AG’s U.S. unit Mercedes-Benz USA started recalling around 1,30 million vehicles sold since 2016 due to a software issue.

Indeed, it was reported that a software within the vehicles might fail to give the correct location of the car in the event of a crash.

Yet, the German company stated that it isn’t aware of any material damage or personal injury related to the default software. Besides, it added that other functions of the automatic and manual emergency call function remained fully operational.

An investigation about the software issue was first launched in October 2019 launched following a report from the Mercedes-Benz eCall center where the automatic eCall system provided an inaccurate vehicle position.
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  The company then found out that similar events had happened.

Therefore, Daimler AG declared that it would start to implement a software update by dealers or over-the-air as soon as possible.
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