Clean-tech sector’s investment to be on the rise in the UK

The cleantech sector has secured £134bn in investment in 2021 across the UK and Europe.

Indeed, a recent study by GovGrant showed that there is a significant rise in investment in companies that make technologies designed to help society more sustainable, making the UK a leading nation in cleantech. The UK received around 18% of the total amount invested in this market and thus, is a key driver for the future of the global environment and sustainable energy sources.

Besides, there are around 8,500 green-tech firms based in Europe, with 2,000 of them based in the UK, collecting £444.83bn of investment. Some of the green-tech sectors attracting the most investment in the UK are energy production, energy assets, environmental services, water utilities, and alternative energy equipment.

Hence, the investment in cleantech is slowly on the rise and should continue to do so in the near future, with talents working in the energy sector to increase to 100 million by 2050.


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