City of Edinburgh aims to become a world-leading smart city

The City of Edinburgh has recently signed a five-year contract with CGI in order to become a world-leading smart city that is digitally inclusive and sustainable.

Indeed, the project, alongside CGI and SensorInsights360 real-time data platform, is working on identifying ways to improve operational efficiency while proactively monitoring and managing critical services. It hopes to harness technological solutions to provide data insights, processes, and tools that will achieve transformational change and deliver high-quality services to Scottish citizens.

Moreover, it was reported that the technology should be implemented through a Smart City Operations Centre. By doing so, it will create better services for citizens, enable healthier and safer social housing with increased sustainability and regulatory compliance, as well as improve was management with smart bins, sustainable recycling, and route optimisation.

The Edinburgh Learns for Life digital system is already being used to transform learning and teaching in schools, providing equality of attainment in education. The city is then looking to offer a more digitally enabled, proactive service to help make everyone’s lives better, all the while enhancing other core services and operations. By using innovative technology, analytics, and data, Edinburgh is then on its way to becoming one of the world’s leading smart cities.


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