Charity provides over £700.000 to improve digital skills of the UK workforce

The UK charity Ufi VocTech Trust has recently announced that it would provide over £700.
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000 in funding in order to improve the digital skills of the UK workforce.

Indeed, the charity is known for its work in the delivery of adult vocational skills through digital technology and through this project, aims to support the development and deployment of new digital solutions within vocational learning.

Among its innovative projects, the charity will offer app-based training, Artificial Intelligence (AI) approaches as well as Virtual Reality (VR) training simulations. In the long run, all of this will help widen access to vocational learning and the skills needed for work in the UK technology industry.

Ufi’s VocTech Seed Fund will also support the development and testing of early-stage ideas for new digital tools and delivery models that aim to transform vocational learning.

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