Celine Maher: “As a woman in business I would always say determination is key”

Over the course of my career, I’ve often found that people entirely miss the role they play in delivering a diverse and equitable world because they don’t necessarily fit into that particular demographic.

Where an #EachforEqual world exists, it is not only about promoting the importance of each of our contributions regardless of our demographic but working on the premise that we all individually have a role to play in a gender-equal world – it calls out those that feel they don’t have a role to play.

This is about strength in numbers, strength in the collective but most importantly strength in a shared desire!

I’ve loved my experiences working in tech so far – I’m inspired everyday both professionally and personally by the monumental progress we make in this world – not many people can say that. Tech is no longer elusive, it’s now part of all of our daily lives and therefore needs to be represented in a way that is diverse in thought, experience, understanding. Furthermore, we need to make sure that our girls are well represented and play our part in that. I would say – don’t be afraid of it – embrace it – it needs you to change the face of it.

I have been blessed to have been a part of many proud moments in my 20 months at New Relic.

From the early days I led the Women@NewRelic program for the Dublin office and have had the pleasure of hosting some fantastic women in business sessions; most recently with our very own Bonney Pelley, SVP Strategy and Operations. What a wonderful inspiration her personal story is.

Over the past year, I have also become part of both the Dublin and the EMEA leadership teams, giving me the opportunity to play an active part in setting the strategic direction of the EMEA business and I’ve loved every minute of it.

I have always had a calling to work in an industry that I felt reflected or represented the world that we live in. Weirdly, and probably true to form, I worked in the telecommunications industry during the inception of smart technologies – hello iPhone! I moved into e-commerce for the boom of online, click-click, and as technology in all industries became more and more prevalent, I found myself very quickly slide into the world of software and SaaS, and that’s where I’ve stayed for almost 13 years!

As a woman in business I would always say determination is key. Determination will keep you firmly focused on the end goal, ignoring the noise and focusing on the purpose, where you find purpose, you will find success – so, set your sights on something and go get it.

There are so many wonderful organisations out there like CoderDojo or Girls in Tech that can give you insights into the world of software engineering and coding in particular, but most importantly – we live in a world of technology, and information is more accessible now than ever, so just go online and start researching. The possibilities are endless and can be as broad or narrow as you want them to be. And don’t forget tech is not just for coders.

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