CEL-UK to make its AutoMaker software open-source

It was recently announced that the 3D printer manufacturer CEL-UK has released its AutoMaker software under an open-source license.

Indeed, the newly open-sourced code will offer users slicing, control, and error checking functionality. Hence, they will have the opportunity to use and make the software their own by integrating new features and program new hardware actions when needed.

By making its software open-source, the company is determined to create a more accessible ecosystem and reach a wider audience. At first, the company only made its software semi-open-source, where users were able to tinker with the process but most of the technology was still unavailable to the public. Yet, CEL-UK always sought to open its work for all to use so as to enable more development and more transparency with the community.

Hence, the company has decided that is was finally time to open-source all of its software.

The public release of AutoMaker is only the beginning for the company, as it is working on the development of the Robox product range. Besides, CEL-UK will also be launching its new second-generation mainboard for use with its 3D printers.


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