CDEI published the roadmap to an AI assurance ecosystem

The UK government’s Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation (CDEI) has recently published the world first roadmap to the AI assurance ecosystem.

By doing so, the UK is aiming to develop effective, trustworthy, and compliant AI systems that will drive a competitive edge. This mature AI assurance ecosystem could then become a multi-billion pound industry and bring growth and job opportunities.

Moreover, AI assurance will help establish the most trusted and pro-innovation system for AI governance in the world. The roadmap, which was a commitment from the National AI Strategy, is focused on building an ecosystem of tools and services that can identify and mitigate the range of risks posed by AI and drive trustworthy adoption.

The roadmap aims to generate demand for reliable and effective assurance, build a dynamic, competitive AI assurance market, develop standards for AI assurance, build an accountable AI assurance profession, support organisations to meet regulatory obligations, and improve links between the industry and independent researchers.

Through this, the CDEI hopes for the UK to be a world leader in AI assurance, drawing on its strengths in legal and professional services, AI research and standards. It also envisages that the UK will have a thriving AI assurance ecosystem within the next 5 years.


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