Caerphilly county use of intelligent automation to care for people in need

The county of Caerphilly in South Wales, UK, is now benefiting from intelligent automation to help those in need.


This initiative began in 2019 when Caerphilly County Borough Council was the first local authority in Wales to put in place an automation process for front line services. It was soon a success in helping free up staff time, thus the county started applying the process to various roles in social care.


In order to know who to select for the process, the Supporting People team receives referrals from many sources of people in crisis or at risk. Usually, the process of selecting people, checking their personal details, and identify if the services know the person would take a long time and a lot of resources.


Hence, the Supporting People team started working with Codebase experts that developed an automated process, which is faster and more efficient. Thanks to this automated process, the referrals are received digitally, and a virtual worker goes through the case details. By implementing this, the Supporting People team can focus on providing care to those in need.


With this automated process, the team has currently saved an overall of 60 working hours per week, which is around 3,120 working hours saved per year and £64,000 total return on investment per year.


The Council’s Cabinet Member declared that Caerphilly Council is paving the way in using technology to help be more efficient in helping people and giving care to those who need it the most.

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