Businesses in the UK not prepared to deal with cyberattacks

A recent report for Arctic Wolf revealed that small business leaders in the UK are not sufficiently prepared to protect their organisation from a cyberattack.

Indeed, it was found out that 73% of leaders didn’t feel that their workforces would be able to fend off a cyberattack while 39% felt overwhelmed by the increasing number of security alerts. 55% also stated that they deprioritised cyber issues in favour of core business activity.

However, the significant rise in cyber attacks makes enterprises more vulnerable than ever. It has then become vital to be able to identify and mitigate cybersecurity risk for all organisations, especially small ones. Yet, finding the right talent, having the tools and developing the internal process is quite challenging even for large organisations.

The report then recommends organisations in the UK to leverage the outside security expertise offered by cloud-hosted security services so that they can benefit from the technology and talents necessary to fight off and prevent these cybersecurity breaches.

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