British heads are less satisfied with digital transformation results than other global leaders

Software analytics firm, New Relic, Inc., has revealed the results  of a survey that shows the challenges and opportunities the company believes will drive the next phase of digital technologies.

The report, which was taken globally, assessed how well digital transformation projects were doing in organisations. The overall outcome of the study revealed that, despite obstacles, progress had been made in this field, with 39% of respondents saying projects have been completed or are close to completion.

A reoccurring problem

However, it was also discovered that of those running digital transformation projects, half are finding it challenging and feeling increased pressure to prove business value.

It seems that this pattern is reoccurring as findings from New Relic Inc., mirror recent outcomes from other tech firms who have also suggested enterprises are struggling to adopt digital transformation.

Further key findings from the report show that almost 50 percent of respondents admit that their customers more likely to uncover problems before them. With 89 percent of those asked feeling that AI and ML will have a major impact on how corporations will run their digital systems.

Focusing on the UK

The attitude of UK respondents greatly differed from those in other countries.

Almost two thirds (58%) of British heads feel their expectations in digital transformations have been met. But just over a quarter believe that the results in transformation projects did not end as anticipated. This compares to 9% of global leaders feeling the same way.

On a positive note, however, 74 percent of British respondents did say that digital transformation outcomes met or exceeded their expectations.

Furthermore, U.K leaders believe that their top obstacle is restricted IT budgets with 43% believing this to be a problem. This is followed by 35% feeling that they do not have adequate support from non-tech leadership. This is likened to the global average of 19% giving the same response.

It was also revealed that only 39% of business leaders in the UK are supportive of their teams. But 47% of respondents globally feel heads are supportive.

The next stage

“The next phase of digital transformation will focus on making sense of all the data so that organisations can move faster, make better decisions, and create best-in-class digital experiences,” said Buddy Brewer, GVP and GM Client-Side Monitoring, New Relic.

“As indicated in our research, observing and acting on insights from data collected will play a critical role in helping digitally transformed organisations truly scale and realise the benefits of modern technological advances.”

750 senior IT decisions makers who were heads of firms with 500-5,000+ employees were questioned in the review which was carried out across the UK, Australia, France, Germany and the USA. The questionnaire was done in partnership with Vanson Bourne.


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