BMW to launch remote software update for 1.3 million cars

BMW has recently announced that it would be launching the biggest remote software update for over 1.3 million of its cars with the BMW Operating System 7.
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Indeed, this new update aims to provide features such as Amazon Alexa integration onboard and the integration of the traditional destination entry in BMW Maps. Users will then be able to do things like add items to their shopping lists, check the news, play music, or even control smart home devices from their cars.

Moreover, the 2020 BMW Maps navigation system will now be able to understand spoken commands easier with the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant. Besides, the update will bring many improvements in the car’s functions so as to improve the overall users’ experience.
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Germany should be the first country to benefit from the update, with other worldwide markets following so as to reach a total of over 1.3 million cars spread across 20 models.

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